Norris Green (Liverpool)

Norris Green Baptist was started in 1934. Over the years, it has enjoyed an active and blessed witness on the Norris Green estate, a large housing estate in Liverpool. 

The church has entered a period of decline and is earnestly seeking a pastor to revitalise the church and reach out into the community.

The church is independent, dispensational, and cessationist. They use the authorised version of the Bible and can pay a partial salary from funds they receive from hiring out their facilities to a daycare and other groups on Sunday afternoon and evening.

The building comprised a large main hall (seating 100 people), a second smaller hall, a classroom/library, kitchen, and toilet facilities. A fair amount of work has been done to the building recently to repair .

If you are interested in helping this church, please email and include: your testimony of salvation, your call to ministry, your doctrinal statement, any qualifications or experience, and details of any support you have to supplement your income. 

If you have any questions, contact Travis Snode on 07772 206876.