Training Fund

 Jesus focused His ministry on training men. As He saw the multitudes, He urged us to pray for labourers. In the United Kingdom, there is a real need for young men to be trained for ministry. Many churches have no pastor. Often when churches look for a pastor, they have to call one from another church. And there are very few men training for ministry, across all denominations.

Though there are many reasons for this, one obstacle to young men going into the ministry is financial. High costs of living make it very hard for young men to support themselvers while also training. Churches are usually quite small so they are unable to help, and sometimes young men may come from families who are unable or unwilling to help them.

The purpose of the training fund is to provide full or partial scholarships for up to three years for young men who have a desire to go into the ministry. They must be saved, agree to our doctrinal statement, and be between the ages of 18 and 30. We estimate that we would need at least £1000 per month per person.


“I have been very blessed to have been on the receiving end of this funding in the past.  It allowed me to concentrate on the main thing of training and discipling people. I was able to go from training one person for one hour a week to, at times, training and discipling four people for up to two hours each a week. When the focus is on training people who will in return train more people this type of funding is crucial for the national pastor to help him with the advancement of a local church. This in turn allows the church to continue to proclaim the cause of Christ effectively.” – Pastor James Wilson (Derry, N. Ireland)

The lack of Bible-believing churches in the United Kingdom impacts existing and future ministries in many ways. An area of ministry often overlooked has to do with funding the training of future pastors and workers. Unlike the USA, where many students can expect assistance from family, their home church, and academic scholarships, little help exists of this kind in the UK. Churches often have the will, but usually lack the means. First-generation converts will often face opposition to even being a Christian, let alone expect financial help to train for the ministry. GIving toward this fund is one of the most powerful ways you can make a long-term impact for the cause of the Gospel in the UK. Financially enabling the training of future church leaders should not be viewed as an addition to missions work, but understood as an integral part of church planting.” – Pastor Martin Wickens (Bedford, PA, USA)

Any special donations or regular contributions to this fund will be a huge blessing and will help equip future pastors, Christians workers, church-planters, and missionaries from the United Kingdom. 

Donations are currently being receiving through:

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